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Cornelius entered the above-ground market in 1971, as the demand for more affordable backyard vinyl liner pools increased. Cornelius is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of above-ground pool products. All Cornelius Pools are designed and built to the highest standards in the industry. Each pool is carefully crafted to provide years of problem-free. Cornelius is represented by a large dealer network providing quality sales and service for all products including accessories and replacement parts. Please browse our site, find the pool that best suits your needs and contact your local dealer for more information including pricing and availability. Easy to install and easy on the budget, an above-ground pool is a wise choice. It makes de whole family happy! Jump, splash, dive…the fun of summer is right there in your own backyard! Thanks to range of shapes, materials and finishes available, you and Cornelius can create the pool that is right for your family, no matter what you needs. Want a pool for fun? For the kids? For relaxing at the end of a busy day? With Cornelius, you will create a delightful, relaxing refuge in your own backyard The wide variety of our standard panels allows for a multitude of shapes and sizes. Technical specifications for in-ground pool panels•Panels offered in heights of 42 in (107 cm) and 48 in (122 cm) Thicker and higher quality hot tinned galvanized steel Weld-less steel panels for extended lifespan Full-width stiffeners Solid and uniform joining plates Adjustable, regular or weld-less braces Plated and reinforced hardware Cornelius is one of the very few manufacturers that controls even the smallest details during all crucial stages of the production process. This is what we call “total integration”. Choosing Cornelius means opting for the highest level of quality as a result of rigorous quality control methods. Galvanized steel panels are specially treated to increase their solidity and lifespan. Steel is an extremely resistant metal alloy that confers solidity and flexibility to our panels, This improved resistance allows us to install these pools in all stable-ground locations. Cornelius in-ground pools have an exceptionally long lifespan and can resist corrosion even after many years underground.